Dear, Freshman Me

Well there wasn’t really much to say sadly but the cool part is that there’s time machines 1 year in the future. The only advice i have to myself is keep will power strong. Do not let your motivation become shaken and try to stay the same. Do not lose sight of your own character especially in the years that come. Well enjoy and leave feedback. Final video production video #Broadcast awaits



We gotta think… Think big, In this That 70’s Show style video we have a group of friends trying to hit a deadline for idea they’re making for a client. Well they keep getting sidetracked so we’ll see how that goes. will they suceed In making their deadline or will they fail miserably. Well, please and leave feedback, Stay classy 🙂


Well I’m afraid that’s it. The en of an era where i was in Video Production. I’s been fun even though the final videos we made weren’t too good. Well Broadcast awaits and I’ll make history there as well. Please enjoy and leave feedback if needed. farewell to all the seniors who i have made videos with 🙂

The Last Word

Tonights the night. The Night where all Evil Comes together under one roof for one sinister moment. The night where your skin crawls of your bones and to the bowels of your room. Hunger… It’s an on going issue. Please enjoy and leave feedback.

Join A club

Remember Pios you should always join a club. Not only is it a good after school acivity It’s also fun. They’re various clubs to join and don’t forget you can form a club. Please enjoy. Leave feedback if you needed and have a great day

Remember pios that using phones other than at lunch or before or after school is a crime. Don’t break the rules or else you will be caught and get a detention. You will be pursued by the phone ninja, tackled and have your phone broken. Well please enjoy and leave feedback and remember to follow the rules. Have a fantastic day 🙂

Audition Tapes

Well what’s up Netflix? THE SKY ha ha ha ha ha. You’ve probably lost my other audition tapes in the mail since you haven’t replied to them yet. Anyway this is my Audition tape so please enjoy as Matt Murdock aka Daredevil and i think you will be impressed. Leave feedback if needed.